Short Quiz

Short Quiz


Can you answer these questions on IoT?   Let’s see how much you remember…


  • What are two devices that are used in an IoT system?

IoT systems have sensors, actuators, hubs and IoT devices.

  • What is an actuator?

An actuator converts an electrical signal into kinetic energy, and generates movement.

  • What are two functionality features of an efficient IoT system?

Some features are: use of sensors, Artificial Intelligence, collection of data and real time monitoring.

  • Give two examples of IoT devices found in IoT smart homes.

Examples include: smart wearables (watches and bracelets), smart fridge, smart thermostat

  • What are the major security issues surrounding IoT systems?

Major concerns are cybersecurity issues and data privacy.

  • Other than security, what are some of the drawbacks preventing IoT systems from being commonplace?

Complexity, flexibility and cost prevent IoT systems from being more common.