An Introduction to Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning (ML) is a part of Artifical Intelligence (AI) that focuses on imitating or mimicking human capabilities like learning, identification, vision and actions. It can be applied to navigation, detection, gaming and many other applications.

Here are some common terms to get familiar:  

Relationship between features that can be represesented mathematically. A predictive model can forecast future patterns based on previous data.
Models are created in Programming languages like Python, R and Java.

The process of using data to create a model; also called learning.

A prediction method that assigns data to categories.

Variables or observable quantities that are recorded and used by a model.   Examples of features that people have are two ears, a nose, a mouth and two legs.


Sharpen Your Programming Skills with Scratch


Here is a very cool tool that can get you started with programming: Scratch


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