We are a group of passionate individuals with backgrounds across the STEM disciplines- in Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Engineering & Mathematics. We use Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other high-tech solutions for various applications. The Director of TTLAB is Professor Patrick Hosein: an alum of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and now Professor of Computer Science at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine. He's quite cool, so you can learn more about him on the TTLAB website.


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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

All ages | Child-friendly

Quantum Computing for Kids


Internet of Things

Teens | Adults

Quantum Computing

Teens | Adults

STKF Booth Organizers

Meet the TTLAB group members who brought to you World of Tech!

Kaveer Bachoo

Data Scientist

Jaimie Greasley

Research Scientist

Jodhan Medina

Data Scientist

Mindy Mohammed

Data Scientist

Feel free to connect with us on our socials. If you want to know about the many others who make up our group, ensure to check out "Staff" profiles on the TTLAB website.

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