An Introduction to Quantum Programming


An Introduction to Quantum Programming




Now, that you’ve completed the Introduction to Quantum Computing section, we can introduce you to to some Quantum Programming.

As we know already, in order to do Quantum computation we need to write a set of instructions for a quantum device to follow and this is what quantum programming is.

In the following tutorial, we give a gentle introduction to Quantum programming in the Python programming language using Qiskit.

The tutorial is split into multiple sections: Tutorial A, Tutorial B, Tutorial C and Tutorial D.

In Tutorial A, we cover the absolute fundamentals of quantum programming with Qiskit with a single qubit.
In Tutorial B, we add some more detail on single qubit operations.
In Tutorial C, we begin experimenting with multi-qubit circuits.
In Tutorial D, we explore with multi-qubit gate operations and create interesting circuits which demonstrate just how cool Quantum is. (Coming Soon)


The buttons on the top right corner of your page can add to the interactive experience of this book.

If you already have Programming experience, you can follow the link to BinderHub to be able to edit your own versions of the code in Jupyter notebook.

If not, you can play around with the Qiskit code right on the page by clicking on the rocket button and selecting ” Live Demo “. Click ‘run’ on the first cell. The kernel may take up to a couple minutes to load, so please be patient!

If ever you mess up (don’t worry), you can always reload the page to reset the original code.

So let’s get started on some Quantum Programming!